We Love To Work & We Love Where We Work

Our technicians and employees work in synergy with our suppliers.

Each product is the result of a careful selection of the raw materials and created by highly skilled and passionate employees. Veritable craftsmen for a tailored quality.

  • Roll-Line is the world leader for artistic skating from more than 15 years
  • our products 100% are made in Italy
  • considerable experience in the production of high quality roller-skates
  • all the production stages which require external works are handled by Italian partners of proven trust and with whom we have a long tradition of collaboration
  • our athletes won many competitions in the last few years

We study the frames carefully with meticulous precision, specialized engineers design the frames by measuring weights and forces, testing the products with specific machines.

Our ambition and desire is to explore each sector, the desire to make our brand as the leader of precision and quality. We do not aim at a low market, we do not work on quantity, instead we rely on small amounts at a high level, competitive but functional.

The guarantee behind our name is the “made in Italy”, which means suppliers and employees in close contact with our company. We follow each stage of production, we control the development of the frame-mold like the amount of compound for our wheels. Every step of production is always handled under the supervision of a competent authority.

Our Location

TM Technology srl a socio unico
Via Fratelli Cervi n. 22
31020 Villorba (TV)

About us

October 26, 2015 – The prestigious publication of economics “Il Sole 24 Ore” published a Case Study on TM Technology – Roll Line in “Doing Business in the Northeast”

Sole 24 Ore – Roll Line e TM Technology

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